Long Time No Blog!

Here’s a beautiful picture from The Gardens by the Bay Singapore to distract you!

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I wrote and shared our amazing travel destinations with you and I have missed you plenty! Life has been hectic, distracting but overall it has been amazing. I apologise for my absence but I’m sure you know I have been having fun 😉

So what has everyone been up to all this while? Any big news? New travel destinations discovered? Any new delights, adventures or culinary finds? Please share with us in the comments section as we live vicariously through each other’s adventures!

In the while that I have been absent, I have been to some pretty cool places and I would create posts for each one to elaborate so it doesn’t feel rushed and cramped. So a quick overview of the cities/countries visited while I was away.

Singapore: – Beautiful, fast-paced, planned to the last blade of grass on the football field

Namibia: – Relaxed, beautiful, affordable and friendly people

Cape Town:- Plenty fun, plenty of adventure, many smiles

Spain: – We visited Malaga and Madrid. I like Malaga better because it was more mellow, relaxed, more of a cultural experience than Madrid. Madrid is a big city and big city comes with rushing and all that.

Prague:- Beautiful! Need I say more?

Malta:- Malta is great if you are into old buildings, architecture, history and all that. I am 🙂

Lisbon:- Lisbon is very cosmopolitan and super expensive. I liked it but didn’t really feel the vibe as it was a rushed city and I visited during a heatwave.

Greece:- Athens not so much but the islands? Loved every second of that. Didn’t want to leave but had to remind myself there are other beautiful places to see in the world.

So that is that for now. Next post will be up soon and I will pick up the destinations one by one. In the meantime, remember to …………..explore the world!

Marina Bay Singapore

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