Travel is essential to our lives. We move about everyday, experiencing new sights, lights, sounds and environments on our daily commute to work or school. We as humans are always on the move, on foot, cars, planes, ships, you name it. Travel is essential to our lives!

Welcome to Travellous’s very first blog post! It’s been a long time coming! My name is Amaka and I would be with you on our new adventure! I love to travel. Travel quickens my heart and spills adrenaline into my veins. I love getting on a train, a bus, a plane and going somewhere new, exciting different. I love to see different faces, experience different cultures, taste the oh so amazing food (mostly so lol).

My longing for new places began as a young child. My father travelled a lot for work and brought home a lot of little souvenirs. Cheese from Holland, shoes from Venezuela, toys and books from Disneyland, those little ceramic children you get in Netherlands and ham from God knows where. I knew before I was 10 that I was going to travel and see all those amazing places I read about.


In high school I watched Memoirs of a Geisha and I was mesmerized by the geisha lifestyle. I wanted to sit by geisha and experience her culture, hear her tales, listen to her conversation, participate in a tea ceremony, just immerse myself in the culture. Now there are so many more cultures and traditions I’d like to experience and I’m checking them off one by one!

I started to travel for the adventure in 2014 and in that time I have visited about 14 countries. Yes I love to travel, I said that already :)). This blog curates my experiences, past and present and any future adventures I choose to go on. I will offer visa advice, destination advice, travel hacks and how to travel on a budget (we all love the sound of that), and to travel in style as well. So sit back and lets go on this adventure together!

Hey, get ready for the adventure of a life time!


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